We create value for our clients by uncovering, recommending and helping to implement tactics and strategies to facilitate the creation, delivery and utilization of business communications media.

Trends & Issues Research Reports

Our database of over 100 corporate departments and production organizations and our extensive network of industry contacts facilitate rapid response and targeted reports. Our research expertise encompasses Internet/intranet video streaming, marketing communications, outsourcing, organizational structures, merger planning, media asset management and distance learning.


Communications Needs Assessments

Employee and customer surveys and focus groups uncover and identify key communications needs, tactical plans and media appropriate to meet or exceed business objectives. Our interpretation of findings provides the knowledge base on which to build an effective and credible media communications organizational structure.

Process and Best Practices Assessments

Our comprehensive review and analysis of the media production process benchmarked against industry best practices leads to actionable recommendations to speed the delivery of media, lower costs, reduce blockages, reinforce core competencies and minimize redundancies. We bring the perspective of informed outsiders to process improvement.


Media Strategies has recently introduced a baseline assessment package. This comprehensive tool draws on staff and customer interviews and our best practices database. The resulting report evaluates the return on investment and qualitative benefits of media services to the enterprise. This assessment can be used to "tune up" a media function, to enrich a best practices pool, to prepare for a reorganization or merger or as the baseline for a full-scale process improvement benchmarking study. The research provides answers to these key questions:

  • Is the media services organization structured as effectively and operating as efficiently as peer company and best-in-class media groups? 

  • What steps can be taken to improve productivity and reduce costs while delivering essential services in a timely manner? 

  • Is there an appropriate mix of outsourcing and insourcing of services and are outsource suppliers being properly managed? 

  • Is the media services group providing services clients want and need in a way that meets or exceeds client expectations? 

  • Is the media group positioned to leverage the business opportunities offered to the enterprise by evolving media technologies on a strategic level? 

Because of our experience we can offered this assessment for a very attractive flat fee (plus expenses) which includes two days of on-site interviews with management, staff and clients, all necessary supporting research and a written best practices report detailing the consultants' assessment and process improvement recommendations. Contact us for a copy of the detailed proposal.


Financial Audits and Valuation

Combining an understanding of the media production process with a knowledge of financial systems and controls, we offer several specialized audit and valuation services:
Market Analysis and Competitive Pricing Studies – Our custom designed studies of local market rates allow direct comparison with internal or competitive costs to validate rates, test the cost reduction potential of outsourcing services or in preparation for launching new business lines.
Insource/Outsource Decision Modeling – Using the balanced scorecard and outsource decision model developed by our business partner, Summit Group Ltd., we work with clients to determine the relative value and benefits of outsourcing or insourcing media production functions.
ROI Analysis and Budget Planning – Having literally “written the book” on financial management of the media function, we have the expertise to develop operating and capital budget plans, plan the transition to or from charge-back and fee for service systems and recommend appropriate cost allocation methodologies.

Benchmarking Studies and Surveys

Measuring the performance of communications media and the best in class organizations that produce that media has become de rigueur in developing quality improvement programs and as a precursor to reengineering. Through benchmarking studies and surveys involving nearly 50 organizations and our knowledge of the creative process from the inside out, (an expertise available to few management consulting firms), our studies are tightly constructed and highly cost effective.


Media Asset Management Systems Design & Valuation

Digital media asset solutions are essential to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s economy. Well designed and executed asset management systems free resources and improve speed to market. We have the expertise to integrate asset management needs into a strategic blueprint for the ingestion, indexing, retrieval, repurposing, collaboration, and transport of essential media and knowledge assets. Our expertise in ROI calculations and balanced scorecard measurements prove the value of such systems.

New Technologies Planning and Implementation

We work with clients to identify and assess the enterprise benefits and ROI for new communications technologies applicable to their unique needs. Once an appropriate technology solution has been selected, we collaborate with the client team to develop training and operational procedures to assure rapid and smooth implementation to assure the achievement of business objectives.


Department Self-Assessment Workshop  A one day custom facilitated vision and goal setting workshop for corporate media services departments covering management and technology trends, prioritizing services, performance measurement, use of the balanced scorecard insource/outsource decision model, a department self audit, developing a mission statement, goal setting and developing action plans. A valuable team building and performance development tool.

Strategic Planning Seminar  This intensive program is designed toward helping the media communications team develop and implement action plans. During this two day program the group will discuss industry, economic and media technology trends. Participants will learn to prioritize projects, to apply appropriate resources and to make and implement outsource decisions. Staff and contractor management and development and outsource management tactics are explored. Department mission and vision statements will be formulated as will the outline for a strategic action plan.

Executive Technology Futures Briefing  This one-half day program specifically designed for marketing executives provides an overview of current and emerging communications technologies. The session explores options and opportunities, both current and projected made possible through multi-media, the Internet and E-Commerce. The session leader is George W. Welles, III, President, Imaging Futures, Inc., a widely respected expert and innovator in this explosive field.



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