The  Media Manager's Guide to Proving Value

A compendium of proven best practice tactics and strategies to drive visibility, credibility and organizational advantages for managers of creative services and media communications departments.


Richard E. Van Deusen, AMM

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{ Critical Management Issues – Based on surveys and interviews with practicing professionals, the most common problems faced by media managers today with best practice solutions and lessons learned in gaining seats at the Strategic Planning Table.


{ Organizing the In-House Media Department – Reporting lines, internal alignments and functional responsibilities. Advantages and disadvantages of five typical reporting relationships, including IT.


{ Managing and Marketing the Media Function – Identifying and gaining credibility with the best in-house prospects. Managing change, strategic planning, management best practices and benchmarks for the model department.


{ Measuring and Proving the Value of Media – Measuring results, ROI, metrics, surveys and reporting. Keys to sustaining the long term value of the media function. Using the Balanced Scorecard and Key Performance Indicators to create the management dashboard.


{ Outsourcing Models – Outsourcing trends and best practice management tactics and strategies. Leveraging the value of outsourcing to make it work for the media department rather than seeing it as a threat.  


{ Managing the Staff and the Production Process – Developing meaningful job descriptions. Staff skillsets, cross training and multi-tasking. Working with Generation Y, contract staffing firms, freelancers and independent contractors. Mapping and improving the production process.


{ Production & Process Management – From concept to distribution key performance indicators and lessons learned in making the process more efficient and more manageable.


{ Managing the Technology Curve – The impact of new and evolving technologies on the communications process. Pros, cons and pitfalls of Social Networks, Digital Signage and Media Asset Management.


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This publication draws upon the author’s 45 years of experience in media communications management combined with what he has learned from industry-wide surveys and benchmarking and organizational studies involving over 50 corporate media departments.



— Jim O'Malley, Producer/Project Manager

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