Chapter 1 State of the Business
Overview of the Dynamic Media Industry - Key Findings - Internal Support Services

Chapter 2 The Impact of Change on Media Services
Key Findings - The Roots of Change - Impact of Change on Media Organizations - AT&T: And Then There Were Three - The Home Depot: Building on Success - Closed Departments

Chapter 3 Best Practices: Making It Better, Faster and Cheaper
Best Practices Defined - Management Best Practices - Marketing Best Practices - Production Best Practices - Technology Best Practices - Staffing Best Practices - Vendor Relations Best Practices

Chapter 4 Tools of the Trade: The Impact of Technology
The Pace of Change - Democratizing the Tools of Media Creation - Time Compression -Media Technology Overview - Program Distribution - Chuck Berry to Bluetooth and BlackBerry

Chapter 5 Following the Money: How Media Production Dollars Are Allocated
The Questions - Size of the Industry - The Survey Results - Trends in Media Department Expenditures - Bypass Production Work - Cost Allocation - External Sales and Rentals

Chapter 6 Where the Rubber Meets the Road: The For Whoms, Hows and Whys of Media Production
Trends in Media Production - Types of Media Produced - How the Media Are Used - Outsourcing - Bypass Work and Internal Agencies - Conclusions

Chapter 7 Gold at the End of the Rainbow: Capitalizing on Media Assets
Why Asset Management? - Assets Defined - Asset Management Implementation - Leveraging the Assets - Conclusions

Chapter 8 Getting the Work Done: Staffing and Productivity
Patterns of Change - Productivity - Staff Size and Staffing Trends - Titles and Functions - Contractors and Freelancers

Chapter 9 The New Media Services Model: Internal Groups
Forces Driving the New Internal Media Services Organization - Characteristics of the New Internal Media Services Organization - Convergence - Integration: The Walls Come Tumbling Down Drummers in a Global Village

Chapter 10 The New Media Services Model: Production Companies
Mills/James Productions: Moving into the Top 100 - Critical Success Factors - Integration - Moonfish Production: Fast Start in a Growth Market - Is Bigger Better?

Chapter 11 A Look in the Rearview Mirror: What's Past Is Prologue
Emergence of a New Industry - Conspicuous Acquisition - Content: From Novelty Value to Shareowner Value in Three Phases - Heading for Phase IV

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