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We create value for our clients by uncovering, recommending and helping to implement tactics and strategies to facilitate the creation, delivery and utilization of business communications media.

Media Strategies was formally closed in 2015, however we remain available to provide limited advice on communications management issues. I continue my (retired) membership in the Communications Media Management Association (CMMA) and will be leading the Management Topic-Go-Round at the annual conference in Savannah in September 2018.


The Vision That Created The AV Consulting Profession

The history of the first audiovisual consulting firm that Hubert Wilke launched in 1965. With over 200 photos and drawings, it details the AV systems designed for educational, corporate and health care facilities all over the world. It is a textbook on AV systems technology with principles that are arguably as relevant today as they were years ago. This resource is Hubertís, and my, contribution to the industry. Please e-mail me to request a free CD containing the PDF file.

Research Resources:

Communications Needs Assessments

Employee and customer surveys and focus groups uncover and identify key communications needs, tactical plans and media appropriate to meet or exceed business objectives. Our interpretation of findings provides the knowledge base on which to build an effective and credible media communications organizational structure.

Process and Best Practices Assessments

Our comprehensive review and analysis of the media production process benchmarked against industry best practices leads to actionable recommendations to speed the delivery of media, lower costs, reduce blockages, reinforce core competencies and minimize redundancies. We bring the perspective of informed outsiders to process improvement.


Benchmarking Studies and Surveys

Measuring the performance of communications media and the best in class organizations that produce that media has become de rigueur in developing quality improvement programs and as a precursor to reengineering. Through benchmarking studies and surveys involving nearly 50 organizations and our knowledge of the creative process from the inside out, (an expertise available to few management consulting firms), our studies are tightly constructed and highly cost effective.


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